Youth Cash Sponsorship Opportunities

According to, sponsorship has a few definitions: Definition: The act of supporting a person, organization, or activity by giving money, encouragement, or other help Marketing (contextual): The act of providing money for a television or radio programmes, website, sports event, or other activity in exchange for advertising One of the most unique nature about […]

An Introduction to YouthsToday

  VISION: To be the world’s leading youth experiences enrichment provider MISSION: Empowering youth with the technology to connect and access opportunities   The team in YouthsToday is a unique one. We come from various backgrounds but with a common mission in mind, to enable Malaysian youth greater experiences or in general terms YOUTH DEVELOPMENT. […]


Thank You! Do Feedback to Us !

2017 has been a great year of growth for YouthsToday. We’ve managed to impact 82.3% of our userbase in many ways. We’ve done event sponsorship in 87 different universities, we’ve also done recruitment for 4 big companies successfully sourcing 30 interns and best of all, we’ve spread our wings and helped organise competitions for companies […]


How to Advertise to Malaysian Youth

Total number of internet users has increased worldwide. This is because people like to adopt changes. Social media is becoming popular day by day that’s why majority of the brands are using Facebook advertising. Same like other countries, Malaysian youth also use internet to learn about new products and services. In Malaysia, young individuals spend […]


Malaysia Advertising Landscape 2017

Malaysia is considered to be a multi-cultural and multi-ethnic country in Asia-pacific region. The country is now going through the process of economic change and this has opened up many online business opportunities for Malaysia like E-commerce, digital marketing, and social media marketing. As soon as I found out about being seated in Malaysia […]


Targeting Young Consumers in Malaysia

Targeting young consumers in Malaysia The economy of Malaysia is classified as upper middle income. According to some researches, it is said that Malay people are considered to have a highest purchasing power in the Asian Continent.  A lot of changes have been happening in the country to bring the ultimate change which will change […]


Marketing Advertising Landscape in Malaysia

Marketing Advertising Landscape in Malaysia Advertising your brand, product or service is no easy task. With so many platforms available such as digital marketing, billboard marketing, campaigns etc. success in the advertising landscape is a tall order, if the aid of SERPninja isn’t received. This is equally true for the marketing advertising landscape in Malaysia. Whether […]

Digital Advertising Landscape in Malaysia

Digital Advertising Landscape in Malaysia Digital media has now replaced the paper world immensely. In this century though there are people who only go for newspapers and magazines for advertising but a large number of population views the brand’s products and services via internet access. In Malaysia too, advertisers have been giving progressively more importance […]