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Jordan jumpman z shoe review!

Oh mr. bumpy gotta learn how to flow I got a designer from my head to my toe I asked for help yeah I did it on my own I don’t see a hater you can get up on my zone beating like I’m in a NASCAR was the jaw is just wrong that was another video today and you can tell by the title I’m gonna be doing a sure of you I’m Jordan John Massey she was get right into it all right so a couple of days ago I was just doing my thing I’m saying I was looking online for some new shoes because I needed some new shoes so I went to Nike look for solutions and I was looking for some J’s yeah I saw these I’ll put up on this bracelet I saw these alright so when I wanted to see if there was a review and the shoe just to see anything else I could see about the shoe and then I looked online I didn’t see any other review ,cheap jordan 11,so I was alright why don’t I just leave her be alright so here we go so first I’ve already opened in the morning but I just put I just put it back in the box all right so it’s hard to rate these shoes on scale of 1-10 I give these shoes a I get this she’s eight now I really like these shoes the only thing .

I can’t say I like too much about it is the fact that it’s got suede on it don’t get me wrong Suede’s were all nice and everything like it can get it can get messed up real easy and then um inside the shoe I had to put like a paper towel and I know the little two days but I put a paper towel in there because the leather,jordan 11 china,it’s part of the leather suede lining the light that would crease a little bit but if it if the leather ever creases are just like take on put up a rag little addition and ironing a little bit then it gets the creases out alright alright so I just kind of went over the cons or the bad things about the shoes honestly that’s really the pretty much probably bad thing about this shoe now I got to talk about the good games all right .

so I do like the combination of suede and leather I really like this all right it’s line that it’s got got on it and overall sleek design I like how it’s not a lot of printing on in anything just kind of simple and sleep also like the overall shape of the shoe I really like the this design in the bottom of the shoe like these two parts right here almost my teeth kind of and also really like the zipper like velcro using Tonya she’s using been a boy so I really like that so I’m just gonna try mine and you saw how they look I’m Michelle I’m wearing these grey joggers,cheap jordan 11 low, so you dust what you’ll be seeing a bit gray joggers you got the side view you got the back view at the 23 I really like 23 plus the little arrow thing that’s on the bottom under the 23 the desire nor the shoes is really nice the shoes also literally get away straight like joggers I just didn’t have a long today all right Celeste Coomer said in the video I know that was pretty quick by having they I haven’t been able to record much because that finals coming up in school I just had a lot of very good stuff but I’ll probably do a couple more blocks a couple more things make sure you like subscribe leave a comment on the video and share with your friends and I’ll see how it tastes

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