Netflix Shows Malaysian Must Binge Watch

Netflix, a streaming giant that revolutionize the way traditional television viewers consume TV-product. It is an undeniable force especially given its convenience for consumer to freely access television series whenever and wherever they want. You just need a good internet connection, and pop, hours of enjoyment just a click away. Aside from watching binge-worthy shows, you can also get entertained on sites such as 온라인카지노.

Though, all of this comes at a certain price. Not everything is free right? The Malaysian government is also setting tax on digital services (Netflix included) and consumer will be paying an extra 6% starting next year. But this is not enough to stop us, Malaysian, to continue binge watch our favourite shows and plug earphone whenever we want just so we can ‘Netflix and Chill’.

So here is a compilation of 6 Netflix shows you must watch! Check out whether your favourite shows are on the list.


 Stranger Things (Season 1-3)

Set is the ’80s, the aesthetic swells with amazing hair, weird but logical fashion choice and complete set pieces that brought the story to life. It is a sci-fi, horror, mystery series that comes with engaging tension. A a story about friendship, peer pressure and family loves. It is about how outliers (in this case, a bunch of witty science-obsessed intelligent people, in other words “nerds”) can still be a hero in their own stories.

3 seasons in and the story is still about the same monster that haunts their town (Hawkins), but Netflix still managed to find a way and make their stories fresh and exciting again. It is a show that pays homage to early sci-fi/horror films crafted with today’s modern filmmaking. The ’80s aesthetic and horror element of the stories that created a feeling of nostalgia is what makes this show a success.


When They See Us (4-part Mini Series)

Heart-stirring tale of five black and Latino teenagers who wind themselves up in raping and beating of a white woman. Known as the “Central Park Five”, it is a show inspired by real-life story. Of course, these teenagers were wrongfully convicted.

The show detailed how the incident happened, how these minors got questioned by the police (not following police procedure), how they got convicted (even with a long list of inconsistencies in evidence) and how they lead their lives during and after their prison jail time.

Every episode is so harrowingly shot, you are going to weep through every one of them (because I did). It is a timely show about the injustice of America’s judicial system. This show will definitely worth your tears. And with the recent announcement of Emmy nominations, ‘When They See Us’ is poised to be Netflix’s big shot during award season.


The Crown (Season 1-2)

Reported as the most expensive Netflix series at the time of released (2016), it is a period drama that follows the life of Queen Elizabeth II and her ascension to the throne (more on the latter part). A melodramatic piece that grapples with women in power, but what makes this show much more interesting is how similar the throne resembles the democratic system in Malaysia.

The crown represents the king and ruler of the country while the government is elected via general election which will then govern the people. Sounds similar?

Coupled with beautiful set pieces and on-the-edge acting, we have a Netflix series that is expensive to watch but addictive to binge. Wait there is more, season three and four are on their way too. Season three is set to debut this fall and it will feature a new lead actress, Olivia Colman (Best Actress Winner at the Oscar this year!). Everyone is excited!


13 Reasons Why (Season 1-2)

Though season two started to fell flat in comparison to season one, nevertheless, this is a show worthy of your time.

Hannah Baker ended her life. But before she did, she recorded voice recordings taping 13 reasons (cheesy right?) why she committed suicide. Every episode then explores all those reasons. This is a show that understands peer pressure, how we might overlook matters that were deemed as inconsequential. It tells a story about friendship, love, sexuality, power dynamics in social functions, navigation of social media and everything we faced during our high school life.

It is also great to see a show that treats suicide in a serious manner, exploring various character developments from different angles in effective and insightful ways. A show that is definitely relatable to everyone who went through the ups and downs of high schooling.


Breaking Bad (Season 1-5)

Crowned as one of the best crime thriller in the television world, Breaking Bad had one of the finest acting you can find out there. The plot is filled with excruciating tension as the pace is slowed down so every plot piece can get into place. If you’re patient enough, you are going to find a whole lot of gem in this series.

Chemical school teacher, Walter White, right after recovering from a drug treatment, grapples with news of lung cancer but then decided not to give in to life. So he ventured into drug business and drags everyone that came along the way. Sounds simple? Just give it shot and you will see how complex the character developments are and how the plot itself will lead to next holy shit moment.

Still not convinced to give it a try? Try Google it and see how many big awards category this show had garnered.


Pose (Season 1)

“The category is… Live… Work… Pose!”

Featuring one of the best opening credits (you got to see it to believe it), here we are at the last one off the list, Pose.

It is a story about marginalized people pushed aside by society and in this show; they are the main centre of attention. Ball culture and trans life are what this show is about. This show captures the challenges and trauma of trans life but never forget to portray the joy and glamour of their lives. It is a celebration of liberation, a show that values inclusiveness.

Fun fact: Pose features the largest cast of transgender actors ever in TV history.  Overall, it is a fun show to watch, a sort of escapism, and it is a show filled with emotional depth.


So this end the discussion on must watch Netflix shows. Thanks for reading! Do your favourite show got on the list? Share with us in the comment section.


Post Author: Yi Xuan