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An Introduction to YouthsToday


VISION: To be the world’s leading youth experiences enrichment provider

MISSION: Empowering youth with the technology to connect and access opportunities


The team in YouthsToday is a unique one. We come from various backgrounds but with a common mission in mind, to enable Malaysian youth greater experiences or in general terms YOUTH DEVELOPMENT. Our business is a very unique one, as it is the only kind in the world. We connect youth to corporates/brands that have a certain purpose within the walls of a university.

We have connected top name brands with universities to push a variety of campaigns, from gathering downloads for an app to organizing a truck design/painting competition. We also have connected universities to huge telecommunication conglomerates to improve their infrastructure and also provide numerous internship placements.

What is the correlation? Well, all of the projects that we pass to students are competitive and also lucrative. Almost all the projects that are given, develop the students in more than one way. The projects involve developing leadership skills, communication skills, project management and is by far the closest exposure they will have to a corporate life while in university.

We aim for far greater heights with our mission and vision, possibly bringing a purpose to more youth and providing them real-life experiences, broadening their thoughts. We know that the biggest drawback for youth joining the workforce currently is exposure, which we fulfil & help cultivate.



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