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    Do You Need Sponsors? Follow these 4 steps: STEP 1: Go to www.youthstoday.com STEP 2: Create a Profile STEP 3: Create or Upload Your Event STEP 4: Wait for Approval to get Sponsored * Remember to get your event at least 20% of ticket sales, sponsors only prefer events with crowd. =)

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    The Story of Jazz Tan of YouthsToday

    Jazz Tan is the CEO and founder of YouthsToday.com. Award winner of the Top 40 under 40 Prestige magazine and the Best ICT in ASEAN region. Founder of the largest youth online engagement platform in Malaysia, Jazz is a social entrepreneur, strategist and an inspirational figure to set course and help young people to thrive at their fullest potential. She knows full well what this sort of lifestyle can do to the lives of the youth. Her own father was a victim of unhealthy activities – engaging in gangsterism and drugs – and passed away 11 years ago when Tan was just 14 years old. Since then, she’s made it…

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    If you are student or Event Organizer seeking for sponsors to sponsor your Event, create your event now at our platform. If you are targeting youth, you may reach half a million of Youth through our platform. HOW TO SIGN UP? Sign Up As Event Organizer Click ‘Get Sponsored” OR “Sign Up” Button at YouthsToday.com Create your profile by fill up the details: Name, Email, Password, Re-type Password, Gender and Date of Birth. Start posting your event on our platform by ‘Create Event’ and get your sponsors to sponsor your event now. Sign Up As Brand/ Sponsor Click ‘Market Your Brand” OR “Sign Up” Button at YouthsToday.com Create your company…