with Fuhla Water Fighting Off Covid-19 is collaborating with Fuhla Water to donate and sponsor 50 water dispensers, drums and clean sterilized water to 50 colleges and universities dorms and hostels. KUALA LUMPUR, March 2020 – As Malaysians are battling with the current crisis of Covid-19, collaborated with Fuhla Water (backed Crystal Pure Trading (M) Sdn Bhd) to donate […]


GoPay Cashback for PTPTN Participants


Here are the cashback amount you will get for paying your bills / top-ups:

Remember to download GoPay App Here and key in your referral code of “PTPTN” to participate in the competition:

Reloads Reload Pinless Hotlink 2.00%
Reload Pinless Celcom Xpax 4.00%
Reload Pinless Digi 2.50%
Reload Pinless Umobile 5.00%
Reload Pinless XOX 3.00%
Reload Pinless TuneTalk 3.00%
Reload Pinless Friendi 1.50%
Reload Pinless Merchantrade 4.00%
Reload Pinless redONE Prepaid 2.00%
Reload Pin Yes Reload 4.00%
Reload Pin Altel 1.00%
Reload Pin Celcom Xpax 1.00%
Reload Pin Digi 1.00%
Reload Pin Hotlink 1.00%
Reload Pin Tron 1.00%
Reload Pin TuneTalk 1.00%
Reload Pin Umobile 1.00%
Reload Pin XOX 1.00%
Bill Payment Bill Payment Tenaga Nasional Berhad 0.20
Bill Payment Telekom Malaysia (TM,Streamyx,Unifi) 0.20
Bill Payment Majilis Perbandaran Selayang ( Tax Assessment) 0.20
Bill Payment Majilis Perbandaran Kota Bahru (Tax Assessment & Parking) 0.20
Bill Payment Majilis Perbandaran Subang Jaya (Tax Assessment) 0.20
Bill Payment Syarikat Bekalan Air Selangor 0.10
Bill Payment Lembaga Air Kuching 0.10
Bill Payment Syarikat Air Johor 0.10
Bill Payment Lembaga Air Perak 0.10
Bill Payment Syarikat Air Negeri Sembilan 0.10
Bill Payment Sabah Electric Sdn Bhd 0.10
Bill Payment Syarikat Air Melaka Bhd 0.10
Bill Payment Air Kelantan Sdn Bhd 0.10
Bill Payment Syarikat Air Darul Aman 0.10
Bill Payment Syarikat Air Terengganu 0.10
Bill Payment Sarawak Energy 0.40
Other Bill Postpaid Bill Astro Bill 0.90%
Postpaid Bill Celcom Bill 0.10%
Postpaid Bill Digi Bill 0.05%
Postpaid Bill Umobile Bill 1.50%
Postpaid Bill redONE Postpaid Bill 1.00%
Postpaid Bill XOX Postpaid Bill 0.50%
Collection Collectius – Aeon Credit Card 1.00%
Collection Collectius – Aeon EPP 1.00%
Donations SPCA Selangor 3.00%
Donations Treat Every Environment Special (TREES) 3.00%
Other – Gaming Gaming Points Gamesberry 4.00%
Gaming Points @cash malaysia 4.50%
Gaming Points Cubicard Cubits 6.50%
Gaming Points Garena Shell 4.50%
Gaming Points Joy Point 6.50%
Gaming Points Mcoins MMOG 6.50%
Gaming Points MyCard 3.00%
Gaming Points YOE Card 6.50%
Gaming Points Steam Wallet (MY) 2.50%
Gaming Points zGold-MOLPoints (MY) 3.00%
Other – Content Others Pinless Digiidd 2.50%
Others Pinless Digibroadband 2.50%
Contents/Subscription Njoi Pin 3.50%
Contents/Subscription Njoi Pinless 3.50%
Contents/Subscription The Star ePaper Pin 10.00%
Contents/Subscription NST ePaper 20.00%
Contents/Subscription Berita Harian ePaper 20.00%
Contents/Subscription Harian Metro ePaper 20.00%
Contents/Subscription Spotify Premium (MY) 6.50%
Contents/Subscription Iflix (MY) 6.50%
Contents/Subscription Grab Pin 1.50%

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Online Engagement Sponsorship

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Roadshow Sponsorship

We have 3 sponsorship packages, all of which can be accessed and will be delivered to your email. The 3 include; Roadshow Online Engagement (Eg, Social Shares, Likes, Comments, Posts and etc). Downloads This blog will talk about our Roadshow Sponsorship packages. What is a roadshow? A roadshow is a promotional activity that aims to […]

Sponsorship Via YouthsToday Now!

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Youth Cash Sponsorship Opportunities

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Thank You! Do Feedback to Us !

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How to Advertise to Malaysian Youth

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