Things You Must Do During Your Times At University

Everyone must agree time spend in university definitely will go down in history as some of the best time of our lives. Before stepping across the gate into higher learning, one must be thoroughly excited but scared or insecure at times. But before graduating and moving on to working life, one will definitely miss the […]

Fake News And How You Can Avoid It

You are on your way back home, sitting behind a Grab car or travelling on the LRT. You scroll through your social media news feed and accidentally tap on a clickbaity news title. And the next minute you found your face red-hot and your gut swell with emotions. Regardless of what you are reading, whether […]

Netflix Shows Malaysian Must Binge Watch

Netflix, a streaming giant that revolutionize the way traditional television viewers consume TV-product. It is an undeniable force especially given its convenience for consumer to freely access television series whenever and wherever they want. You just need a good internet connection, and pop, hours of enjoyment just a click away. Though, all of this comes […]