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How can you differentiate cheap Jordans from fake Jordans?

18There are lots of cheap Jordans on the market, so it’s very important to know that some of them can be fake. In a situation like this the best thing you can do is to learn how to spot a fake from the real deal. It’s a very good idea to learn how to do that, and it will be a worthwhile experience. Just check our guidelines for more information!

Check the box and its quality

The box quality of real cheap Jordans is always very good, you will get the shoes in a sturdy box. When it comes to the Logo, you will need to have the jumpan with the arm downward and not up. Also, the printed colors need to be uniform and even, if there’s any fading that will show signs of a fake. Make sure that you check the serial number, the color combination, country of manufacture and so on. This will help you identify a fake fast. Most fakes tend to have a crooked sticker with the serial number, so that’s going to show you’re not dealing with the real deal. The serial should have 9 digits and you can check it on the Nike website just to be safe.

Matching the numbers

You want to match the style number found on the tag with the one listed on the box. In case you find cheap Jordans without a box, a good idea is to not buy them. You want the box, as this will help you figure out if you’re dealing with fakes or not. You never really know with this kind of stuff, so you have to pay a lot of attention and ensure that you’re doing it right.

You also want to examine the label found under the tongue.cheap jordans online, Most Jordans have a very specific label there. Check for words like the “greatest player ever” found there. Also, the embroidery color needs to be white and with a professional look. Any changes to that, and you’re certainly dealing with a fake.

Jumpman proportions

The jumpman logo needs to be crisp and professional. It shouldn’t feel clunky or uncompromised. If there are any color variations on the logo that might be a fake. And then there’s also the fact that you can deal with bad stitching and other stuff similar to it. You just have to know how to handle it correctly.

While there, you also want to inspect the lace detail, make sure that the shoelace tabs are even. Also, the midsole point is where you need to see sole molding with sharp tips. If you have curved edges, that’s a problem.

Use all these tips and you will differentiate fake Jordans from the real, cheap Jordan shoes. You need to know these things otherwise it will be easy for a scammer to take advantage of you. This is important when you buy from other people online. When you work with a professional retailer or even a vetted reseller, you can find real, cheap Jordans from them so that won’t be a problem. Which is why this is the recommended option if you want to buy Jordans online!

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