Youth Cash Sponsorship Opportunities

According to, sponsorship has a few definitions: Definition: The act of supporting a person, organization, or activity by giving money, encouragement, or other help Marketing (contextual): The act of providing money for a television or radio programmes, website, sports event, or other activity in exchange for advertising One of the most unique nature about […]


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2017 has been a great year of growth for YouthsToday. We’ve managed to impact 82.3% of our userbase in many ways. We’ve done event sponsorship in 87 different universities, we’ve also done recruitment for 4 big companies successfully sourcing 30 interns and best of all, we’ve spread our wings and helped organise competitions for companies […]


Targeting Young Consumers in Malaysia

Targeting young consumers in Malaysia The economy of Malaysia is classified as upper middle income. According to some researches, it is said that Malay people are considered to have a highest purchasing power in the Asian Continent.  A lot of changes have been happening in the country to bring the ultimate change which will change […]

Lafarge Malaysia #HappinessInTheCity Competition

  Details 1. Competition is open to individual or team participation (max 4 participants). All university and college students in Malaysia aged 18 years old and above are invited to participate. 2. Select to design either a cement or concrete truck 3. Register your participation by 22nd June 2017 and submit your design to […]

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Contact List for Securing Good Sponsorship In Malaysia 2018

Here are all the contact list for securing sponsors to fund your event in Malaysia. The easiest way to secure yourself a sponsorship deal is through This online web portal is a sponsorship and event matching platform for youth events and brands. 80% of the events listed on usually gets cash sponsorships for […]

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  Check out the video above on how you can create and edit event on In this video we cover: How help you manage your entire student event ! You will also learn how different tools that you can use to ensure your event success Check out the analytics feature as well !

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Do You Need Sponsors? Follow these 4 steps: STEP 1: Go to STEP 2: Create a Profile STEP 3: Create or Upload Your Event STEP 4: Wait for Approval to get Sponsored * Remember to get your event at least 20% of ticket sales, sponsors only prefer events with crowd. =)

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If you are student or Event Organizer seeking for sponsors to sponsor your Event, create your event now at our platform. If you are targeting youth, you may reach half a million of Youth through our platform. HOW TO SIGN UP? Sign Up As Event Organizer Click ‘Get Sponsored” OR “Sign Up” Button at […]