Contact List for Securing Good Sponsorship In Malaysia 2018

Here are all the contact list for securing sponsors to fund your event in Malaysia. The easiest way to secure yourself a sponsorship deal is through This online web portal is a sponsorship and event matching platform for youth events and brands. 80% of the events listed on usually gets cash sponsorships for their conference, workshop, fairs, carnivals, competitions, parties, you name it ! Any types of student related program will be funded.

Contact list of sponsors and sponsorships in Malaysia:

It has access to :

  1. Telecommunication companies
  2. Fast Moving Goods companies
  3. Electronic companies
  4. Manufacturing companies
  5. Food and Beverage companies
  6. Banks
  7. Website and App companies


These is how you can request sponsorship on the platform itself:

Sponsorship in Malaysia
Request for sponsorship in Malaysia


Once you upload your event on, the system will ask you if you need cash sponsorship. The moment your click “Yes” and click on “Request More Sponsorship” all the listed brands in Malaysia that has cash sponsorship will appear and you can pick and choose which one you want to work with.

Tips on securing a good sponsorship deal for your event.

You might want to consider using the ticketing tool on too. It will help the sponsors see how many people you are targeting as well as the analytic tools.

Sponsors usually look at this different types of benefits in return if you want to secure a good sponsorship deal. These are the things for you to look at:


Sponsorship packages
Examples of benefits in return for sponsorships

In return for the cash sponsorship deal in Malaysia, also shows you tips on which packages the brands will likely to sponsor.

If you can provide the necessary of the above, then the brand will consider sponsoring your event with cash. All the above are simple tasks to achieve as a university student.


All the best in securing your sponsorship deals with the contact list provided by ! Get started now here:



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