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We have 3 sponsorship packages, all of which can be accessed and will be delivered to your email. The 3 include;

  1. Roadshow
  2. Social Shares

This blog will talk about the downloads sponsorship package. This is the most appealing project we have as it does not require much effort as the roadshow package. The download project can be done in both individual and team basis. It requires planning, organizing and goal setting.

There are companies out there who before achieving success require the app to be trialled and tested. They’re tapping into a new market and they usually require a number of forced downloads. This in return will help them gather data/ analytics to help better cater towards their target demographic(s) better.

They will approach YouthsToday.com and offer a number of projects to students(EO). One of it will be downloads. The EO’s that choose this will then have to plan and execute this project to their best abilities. The sponsorship size ranges from 100-1000 downloads and in most cases, the EO will accomplish these targets by first planning and strategizing.

They will utilise their committee members, or their closest friends to be the leads. Setting targets for each of their members from 10 downloads per person to 50 downloads per person. The most crucial part here will be to follow up with their members on a regular basis to ensure that the target has been hit.

Another important thing to note is the methodology in place to encourage people to download. We’ve spoken to a few great EO’s in the past and they’ve all said the same thing. You sell the app as well as your cause. For instance “Try out this great app, its great because ……, and if you download it using this link, my team and I will get RMX”. Some students have also printed flyers with the same message to distribute.


Strategize when, where and how. Always have a time definite plan and all will be good. Project your target and achieve them.



Thank you,


Head of Operations.

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