Fake News And How You Can Avoid It

You are on your way back home, sitting behind a Grab car or travelling on the LRT. You scroll through your social media news feed and accidentally tap on a clickbaity news title. And the next minute you found your face red-hot and your gut swell with emotions. To avoid this negativity, you can spend your commuting time playing games like 해외토토.

Regardless of what you are reading, whether it is from a credible news source or simply fake news, undeniably, we are living in an era of over information. And sometimes we simply had no idea we came across fake articles and contributed to it by sharing it. if you are looking for the latest news, start by checking this post about Jimmy John Shark.

So here are some ways in how we can avoid fake news.

Check the Source

Always check whether the news is from a reputable/credible news website. Be aware of websites that contain dodgy domain name. If you are not sure, simply do a Google check. Verified the validity of the news and visit them again.

Simply Proofread the News

Ever went through an article that contained loads of grammar errors and illogical sentence structure? A professional news site will never condone bad writing. If you ever read one, then be fully self-aware that the article might contain fake news.

Be Rational

Always read with a rational mind. If an article induced negative feelings in you, always note that it is because the author/article wants you to feel that way! The news article will and must be presented in a way that is fact-driven coupled with neutrality and rationality. If not, the article is most probably fake (always bear in mind to do some fact-checking).


Without much explanation, using all caps in an article is usually a no-no.

Apply Fake News Plug-In or Website

There are many dedicated websites or plug-ins out there designed to help us detect fake news. It is easy and convenient. Plug-in such as BS Detector will even scan the article and let you know whether the news is reliable or not. Go give it a try now, and never fall for fake news again.


Sharing news, credible or fake, will do no good to the people involved directly or indirectly. Always read with a rational mind and don’t fall victims to fake news. Read with wisdom and share with caution.


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Post Author: Yi Xuan