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Giving Air Jordan’s To Strangers

what’s up guys welcome to bigdhaas TVs daemon California and we’re going to be giving away Jordans may I ask you something real quick you like these J’s bottom got cast ran out for my back no cash would you buy those if you did up cash yeah no key yeah you want to buy the per 100 I can see you I got I got 40 right now we got 40 now I’m just playing man there you go really yeah it’s the road light yeah it’s a real life they’re actually freeing there for you whit’s yeah I’m just out here giving back today and I wanted to find someone lucky to give them too so today’s your day they’re gonna do you like these yeah the free you bro what’s up there for you really yeah we’re just out here giving back today Jordans away I don’t know man just today was just the kind of day just the kind of day to give away Jordan and if they’re not your size you can take them back to any Foot Locker and exchange them for a different size thank you so much you’re welcome catch this train thank .

you bro Corey you too bro they have a good New Year ain’t nobody ever gave me nothin yeah well today’s your lucky day hey you guys see something real quick do you like Jordans yeah here it’s for you yeah yeah yeah yeah oh just give them back giving out some J’s today ,cheap jordans online,you do sighs yeah you like those well I got these for you man it’s all you yeah we’re out here just giving back today so we’re just giving Jordans so yeah Hannah probably have a good one with you but for you yeah well you can take them on and get the right size you can exchange them at any footlocker sighs no way you can take them to any full Locker returning for a different size or a different pair yeah that blush.

yeah you too man you to check these oh you like those really clean aren’t they there for you bro I need a bow man hey Dawson Dyson yeah shine nice to meet you god bless you too dude no such snake Oh yeah man yeah no probably jay-z yeah what’s gonna Dawson dr. Brock hey nice to meet you dude we’re just giving back today giving Houston Jordan so hopefully it brightens up your David all right guys hopefully you enjoyed that V just finished handing out all the Jordans and now,cheap jordan 11, I wanted to do something for the homeless I don’t want to give them Jordans because it might draw too much attention to them because they’re so flashy and I don’t want people to try to steal them so we got some like nice normal shoes here super quality that we’re going to give to a couple homeless people to finish off the video excuse me sir hey could I offer you a new pair of shoes what size do you wear I have 13 yeah we do some new shoes yeah what size are you 11 I got you there you go yeah yeah man no problem of course I mean can I offer you a new pair of shoes,cheap jordans, yeah what what size are you tonight a 9 awesome oh you’re welcome god bless you I got 13 and 12 all right guys thank you so much for watching this video if you enjoyed it please be sure to give it a big thumbs up was trying to get a hundred thousand likes on this video subscribe to my youtube channel if you haven’t yet already and I’ll see you guys in the next episode peace

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