New Housing Scheme for B40 Fresh Graduate. What You Need To Know.

Yes, you read it right. Detail of a new housing scheme will be announced this September which will benefit B40 fresh graduates.

First thing first, do you belong to the group B40? B40 stands for Bottom 40%. It represents an income group whose median household income is between RM3, 000- RM6, 725.

If you are a B40 fresh graduate and want to own a house, read on and discover what you are eligible for in the coming future.


Successful applicants will not be required to pay any deposits (we all know how expensive these deposits are). And after five years of rent, applicants’ financial status will be reviewed for owning eligibility.

House Pricing Threshold

There will definitely be a pricing limit when applying for this scheme. If you are eager to own a unit, make sure the price is not more than RM300, 000. When looking form more university housing options for a cheap price, consider checking the prices at, they have a vast catalog and the lowest renting prices in the market.

Squeaky Clean Credit Record

Having a clean credit record always has the added advantage for getting an installment loan from a bank. The same might applies to this new housing scheme. So, if you are a credit card owner, make sure you pay your due on time to boost your creditworthiness.

Unfortunately, the above information is what we got for now. More updates will be made in September. So stay tuned for more information.


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Post Author: Yi Xuan