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    How to Advertise to Malaysian Youth

    Total number of internet users has increased worldwide. This is because people like to adopt changes. Social media is becoming popular day by day that’s why majority of the brands are using social media advertisement. Same like other countries, Malaysian youth also use internet to learn about new products and services. In Malaysia, young individuals spend most of their time on the internet. Now the question that may arise in your mind is ‘how to advertise to Malaysian youth’. Digital advertising can prove to be the most effective way to promote your products or services. Digital Advertising to Malaysian Youth Digital advertising is also termed as internet marketing in which…

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    Malaysia Advertising landscape 2017

    Malaysia is considered to be a multi-cultural and multi-ethnic country in Asia-pacific region. The country is going through the process of change and this process has opened up many opportunities for Malaysia like opportunities of growth in E-commerce, digital marketing, and social media. Malaysia has a dynamic market. It has become the fastest growing advertisement market in recent times. Asia-Pacific is foreseen to become the largest region in global cross- border online retail and Malaysia advertising landscape 2017 is playing a crucial role in it. People of Malaysia are constantly shifting into the attraction of technology and new trends just like the China, Japan, Thailand, and Indonesia. People are giving…

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    Targeting Young Consumers in Malaysia

    Targeting young consumers in Malaysia The economy of Malaysia is classified as upper middle income. According to some researches, it is said that Malay people are considered to have a highest purchasing power in the Asian Continent.  A lot of changes have been happening in the country to bring the ultimate change which will change its status from developing country to the developed country. Although Malay people are highly sensitive about the price, they have become brand conscious as well and they demand better quality of the products and the services. Shopping is their favorite past time hobby. Majority of their population consists of young people considered as 25-26 years…

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    Youth Purchasing Behavior in Malaysia

    Youth Purchasing Behavior in Malaysia Malaysia is one of those nations in the world that have a high purchasing power. Its population is comprised of a higher proportion of the youth than the average ratio in other countries. Therefore, to understand the market and industry trends, it is important to first understand the youth purchasing behavior in Malaysia. There are many factors which can help define the youth purchasing behavior in Malaysia. These factors include where the youth prefers to shop, how they prefer to shop, and what products and services do they shop for, among other such factors. Some of these are described in detail below. Online Shopping With…

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    Marketing Advertising Landscape in Malaysia

    Marketing Advertising Landscape in Malaysia Advertising your brand, product or service is no easy task. With so many platforms available such as digital marketing, billboard marketing, campaigns etc. success in the advertising landscape is a tall order. This is equally true for the marketing advertising landscape in Malaysia. Whether you are an established brand hoping to rejuvenate your marketing campaigns or are a startup hoping to make sense of the marketing advertising landscape in Malaysia, it is important to keep the following points in mind. Smartphone Centered Marketing It is the age of the computers and all things related to technology. Smartphones rule the lives of Malaysians to the extent…

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    Digital Advertising Landscape in Malaysia

    Digital Advertising Landscape in Malaysia Digital media has now replaced the paper world immensely. In this century though there are people who only go for newspapers and magazines for advertising but a large number of population views the brand’s products and services via internet access. In Malaysia too, advertisers have been giving progressively more importance to the digital world as they cannot deny the power of the Internet. With the aim of successful advertising in Malaysia it is essential to throw ads of the respective product or service by means of digital advertising landscape in Malaysia. For this new trend of digital advertising, the following areas should be considered as…

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    Young People in Malaysia

    Engaging Young People in Malaysia Malaysia is going through a developing country phase which is about to complete in near future. Like many other developing countries, Malaysia tends to focus on engaging youth in many activities which can become a part of bringing change into the country. Considering the need of change and engaging youth, many international and local non-profit organizations work with young people in Malaysia. One of those organizations is the Raleigh International. It is a non-profit organization that provides volunteer services in different communities. They do their marketing and volunteering through the young people around the world. They have been volunteering in Malaysia Burneo for local communities.…

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    Youth Statistics in Malaysia

    There are several brands that are gaining immense popularity in Malaysia, due to the fact that they aim to engage in marketing for the youth of the country by collecting youth statistics in Malaysia. YouthsToday.com, that is a global youth platform, training center and marketing company specifically for the youth. We strive to put the youths on the fast track towards success at life in general. Our Offered Services YouthsToday.com offers training programs, CSR, and marketing for brands that are intended for the youth aged 18-25. Our training programs range from workshops on entrepreneurship, and personal development. On the other hand, CSR i.e. Corporate Social Responsibility aims to instill professional…

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    Terms and Conditions: Offer is valid from 4th Nov 2017 – 4th May 2018. Each coupon code can only be redeemed once by each user. One coupon can be shared with multiple users. The coupon code can only view all channels and titles listed in the Youths Today pass. The free preview will only be available for 30 days free trial upon redemption. All contents available on NJOI Now are only accessible in Malaysia. Coupon codes is not exchangeable for cash. For more information on NJOI Now, kindly go to https://njoinow.astro.com.my/ or call +603 9543 3838 Kindly refer to the list of devices supported by NJOI Now here: https://njoinow.astro.com.my/help-faq

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    Youth Marketing Platform and Agency In Malaysia

    YouthsToday for Business is the leading and pioneer youth marketing platform in Malaysia. Brands can directly target 500,000 Malaysian youth (18-25 years old)through thousands of youth programs that is empowered by young people. Brands can also have easy access to over 100 universities and colleges in Malaysia. Dive into the world of young generations at www.youthstoday.com. We believe Youth Marketing is all about Youth Empowerment. You want the students to care for your brand, therefore start by caring FOR them. Brands can tap onto the intangible value of the relationship by helping youth to develop. In this way, you will earn their loyalty through your youth marketing and advertising campaigns.…