PTPTN Debt Free Competition 2018 Terms & Conditions

The PTPTN Debt Free Competition Prize Award:

100% PTPTN Loan Paid off

Terms and Conditions:

1. and GoPay will only reimburse the remaining amount left that you owe to PTPTN. For example, if you have loaned a total of RM50,000 and you have already paid off RM5,000 up-to-date, we will only reimburse the remaining RM45,000.

2. If you are an undergraduate, you may submit your total student loan for reimbursement upon graduation. If you dropout from college or university halfway, we will only reimburse the amount due to your study loan.

3. The winner should submit their PTPTN latest slip to claim the reimbursement.

4. The prize award will go directly to clearing the PTPTN loan and is not redeemable for cash.

Post Author: Desline