Roadshow Sponsorship

We have 3 sponsorship packages, all of which can be accessed and will be delivered to your email. Earning money is actually fun when you go to sites like 토토커뮤니티.

The 3 include;

  1. Roadshow
  2. Online Engagement (Eg, Social Shares, Likes, Comments, Posts and etc).


This blog will talk about our Roadshow Sponsorship packages.

What is a roadshow? A roadshow is a promotional activity that aims to increase brand awareness among the university students. A roadshow is typically conducted between 10am to 5pm and may include certain gimmicks to attract crowds. When you want to have some fun when the sun’s down, sites like snapsex are timely.


The students will be passed the entirety of the project to conduct within the walls of their university. The project typically will improve the dynamics of a team of students in more than one area. It includes;

  1. Leadership– Taking accountability and ensuring success.
  2. Communication– Keeping in touch with YouthsToday and teammates to ensure a smooth flow
  3. Project management– There are often more than one aspects that require attention and hitting milestones is very important. Good coordination is key to any projects success
  4. Time management– Often times, a poor leader will feel the pressure building due to poor coordination and time management
  5. Enthusiastic/ Charismatic- Student volunteers are expected to promote the brand to their fellow students. Engagement is highly important and so is having the right attitude.


Before a roadshow, YouthsToday will pass you information necessary to conduct a good roadshow. It typically involves preparation and brand knowledge to ensure that the students understand the brand and the mechanics involved. The students are also encouraged to prepare a time schedule for all the volunteers that will be helping out in promotional activities. We highly suggest a 3-4 hour shift. The students are also required to get the necessary approvals from officials for this project.


On the day of the roadshow, the students have to prepare the booth (promotional space) before 10am. Only the students will be present and occasionally, the sponsor also. YouthsToday has a unique method of tracking progress of the roadshow to keep all parties satisfied. We also require the students to send updates via WhatsApp to show progress. Any problems or difficulties encountered should be reported to YouthsToday and we will help rectify the situation


A event report will need to be submitted to us after the roadshow has ended. The report template will be provided and the students are required to compile all the pictures necessary with information for a successful submission. A very simple 3 stage process to attain sponsorship via



Be a leader and have fun! Our projects are designed according to student’s capabilities. Don’t worry about troubling YouthsToday with questions.

Post Author: Jazz