Online Engagement Sponsorship

We have 3 sponsorship packages, all of which can be accessed and will be delivered to your email. The 3 include;

  1. Roadshow
  2. Online Engagement (Eg. Social Shares, Likes, Comments, Posts, etc)


This blog will talk about the Social Shares Sponsorship package.

Our social shares post usually is good for students that want to earn a side income. Most of the time, these projects come in quantities of 50, however they may include other small KPI like Facebook Rate and Review.


Similar to the Downloads project, this project requires goal setting and planning. We typically will give you 2 weeks to achieve the KPI, however, sometimes due to the nature of the promotion given by the sponsor, it may have to be done in a week or less.

Best way to achieve this is to do it from Facebook. Message your closest friends that will meet the criteria required to share it on their Facebook. Once they’ve done so, you’re required to keep the URL in a tracking sheet that we will provide. Caption key words will be given and a sentence of 5-10 words is necessary.



Use Facebook, ensure that all captions are fulfilled, update the tracking list.

Post Author: Jazz