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According to dictionary.cambridge.org, sponsorship has a few definitions:

Definition: The act of supporting a person, organization, or activity by giving money, encouragement, or other help

Marketing (contextual): The act of providing money for a television or radio programmes, website, sports event, or other activity in exchange for advertising

One of the most unique nature about our platform is that we connect Brands with Students. The students post their events up on YouthsToday.com with the intent of looking for sponsors. Students that manage to secure a huge amount of sponsorship via YouthsToday.com usually have a few similar traits:

  1. Large event (more than 300 participants)
  2. Yearly event
  3. Simple yet elaborate proposal
  4. Average 100 people support the event on YouthsToday
  5. Charismatic leader


As a student, attaining sponsorship is not easy. You will have to bend head over heels to even set an appointment with the potential sponsor only to have you turned down with little notice. It is much easier for a university student to get sponsorship via lecturers and even better, parents contacts. No harm in lowering your guard and asking for help.

We however are a testament to all the independent leaders in campuses, proving they are hungry to prove themselves. They have a solid team of 10-100 dedicated students that will do anything for the sake of a shared ambition and most often these are the events to look out for. From Scrabble Challenges to Marathons, all events that we’ve participated in usually are very interesting.

Students approach us via many methods, and often left amazed at their dedication. It is thanks to our platform and our mission and vision as a team that we’re able to receive an abundance of sponsorships to provide to the students. More than RM100,000 were allocated from September to November 2018 and we’re very glad we’ve found an effective way to give back to the community.



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Head of Operations.

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