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2017 has been a great year of growth for YouthsToday. We’ve managed to impact 82.3% of our userbase in many ways. We’ve done event sponsorship in 87 different universities, we’ve also done recruitment for 4 big companies successfully sourcing 30 interns and best of all, we’ve spread our wings and helped organise competitions for companies from industries that have not worked with Youths before, and guess what!? All the feedback has been nothing but wonderful!

Below is a breakdown on some of the highlights of 2017:

  1. Digi nationwide roadshow @ 20 universities
  2. Grab nationwide roadshow @ 20 universities
  3. Disney “Baby Groot” treasure hunt @ 5 universities
  4. Dr.KO roadshow @ 10 universities
  5. Lafarge truck design competition @ 20 universities
  6. roadshow @ 10 universities
  7. The Edge Property design competition @ 25 universities
  8. Singapore International Foundation Entrepreneurship talk involving 100 students
  9. 4A’s Career talk involving 80 students
  10. Nando’s work exposure involving 100 students


and plenty more. We’d like to thank all our students and partners for continuously supporting our vision and mission which is to enable all youths to fund, educate and support them and also to provide them corporate-like experience by providing them projects from a multitude of brands. We’ve worked with 139 brands successfully and to be able to serve our youths better, we’d LOVE to hear your feedback;



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