Things You Must Do During Your Times At University

Everyone must agree time spend in university definitely will go down in history as some of the best time of our lives. Before stepping across the gate into higher learning, one must be thoroughly excited but scared or insecure at times. But before graduating and moving on to working life, one will definitely miss the entire crazy journey trudge through university life!

No matter which stage you are at now, certain elements or parts of the university will still resonate with you and generate that sweet feeling of nostalgia.

Read on and let us reminisce on those sweet memories!

Feeling Lost & Insecure

There must be a phase where we suddenly are at lost or question the very purpose of going down this journey. And some friends are just so full of life and move at a pace that it is simply hard to catch up. To counter those moments of loneliness, you can try making your mood better with games like FM카지노.

But we all know this is normal and everyone goes through this phase. It is better to question the very nature of your purpose than being ignorant about it. Those who recognise this will definitely strive better in the coming times. Cheers!

Events & Bonding

University is a place to cultivate leadership and test your communication skills. Those who venture into the workings of planning, managing and organizing an event will be sure to miss this part of their university life.

It is a means to see different things, get meaningful exposure and make new friends!

Travel & Fun

Holidays and breaks in between semesters are boring at times, monotonous at best. Whether you are working on part-time jobs or doing some volunteering works, going to travel will definitely create some of the best memories, to find a good job try to get some help by a professional job recruiter.

Especially if you do it with your close friends! Don’t just stare at your friends’ Instagram stories. Start planning now!

Netflix & Books

As per the previous point, no matter how busy you are, there must be periods of excruciating hollowness when waiting for time to pass by. And then you will find yourself browsing through a sea of movies or series to binge-watch. Or searching for the next best book to fill your time.

Those are the times where we still have the luxury to spend our time freely and unabashedly.


Explore & Realize

Anyone who had been through the stages of university life must attest to this, the single most important thing down this journey is to determine your purpose and the direction of your future!

Exploring different things and relationships, finding out what excites you the most and what you are really good at. Sharpening those skills and rectifying your shortcomings. In the end, you realize and manifest your dream life.

Just remember your time is coming and everyone treads at a different pace.


Do we get it right? Share with us your thoughts in the comment section below.


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Post Author: Yi Xuan