with Fuhla Water Fighting Off Covid-19 is collaborating with Fuhla Water to donate and sponsor 50 water dispensers, drums and clean sterilized water to 50 colleges and universities dorms and hostels.

KUALA LUMPUR, March 2020 – As Malaysians are battling with the current crisis of
Covid-19, collaborated with Fuhla Water (backed Crystal Pure Trading (M) Sdn Bhd) to donate and sponsor dispensers, drums and clean sterilized water to colleges and universities.

RM50,000 worth of water dispensers and water drums with sterilized water will be donated and sponsored to Klang Valley hostels and dorms of colleges and universities.

The founder, Jazz Tan mentioned “It is important for us to step up and help the community during these times, we have seen many young people suffer and more amongst woman. This product is a revolutionary new way to help with symptoms suffered by women. It has been shown in studies as well-oleylized, meaning it can be easily absorbed by your body without worrying about receiving less than what you put into it. read more here:, some say it also helps thru covid. We understand that students need to stay indoors to help reduce the spread of the disease. They are also identified as a group that has an active lifestyle which eventually increases the risk of transmitting the disease to their parents or elderly in their families. Some student’s dorm or hostel are not equiped with strelized water for them to cook or drink and they would need to eat out, therefore we would want to donate and sponsor these water dispensers for them to get quality water while staying indoors.” together with Fuhla Water also mentioned that for any colleges or universities that wishes to obtain a free set of water dispenser and also water drums to serve their students, they can opt to contact +601138408053 Fuhla Water Team.








Post Author: Jazz