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What are the benefits? Benefits are connecting your event to brands as sponsor to fund your show/event. The web allows you to directly communicate with the brands and request them to sponsor your event through using our platform. And with function to attach your event reports and picture to the brand(s) sponsor by using

  • We only charge you when you sell your tickets using YouthsToday platform
  • We charge 7% per ticket sales with minimum of RM5 per ticket price, excluding government taxes.

An example of the total cost of sponsorship, that you have agreed to event organizer an amount of RM 5,000 as below:

RM5,000 Deal 50% down payment Remainder Total Amount Event Organiser Amount
Received 50% down payment
Event Organiser Remainder
to be received
Processing Fee 10% (Using Cheque or Corparate Banking) RM2,750 RM2,750 RM5,500 RM2,500 RM2,500
Processing Fee 13% (Using Debit/Credit Cards) RM2,750 RM2,825 RM5,650 RM2,500 RM2,500
Goods & Services Tax 6% RM165 or RM169.50 RM165 or RM169.50 RM330 or RM339 N/A N/A
Total Cost After Tax Using Cheque or Corporate Banking RM2,915 RM2,915 RM5,830 N/A N/A
Total Cost After Tax Using Debit/Credit Card RM2,994.50 RM2,994.50 RM5,989 N/A N/A

Note: In Malaysia, accepts all major debit/credit cards (Visa, Mastercard).

  • All charges are the service, and processing fee.
  • MYR = Ringgit Malaysia.

Summary of pricing using our platform:

  • 10% processing fee using cheque or corporate banking as sponsor.
  • 13% processing fee using credit/debit card as sponsor.
  • 7% processing fee for selling ticket as organiser using our platform.

Any entity using our platform shall liable to pay taxes such as Value Added Tax (VAT) or Goods and Service Tax (GST) upon any Tax Invoice been issued from to Event Organizer and or as Sponsor. Taxes are charged separately and transparently with additional tax costs on your finalised bill.

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